Use Morning Rituals To Unstick Your Life…

We’ve all heard the saying, “I’m stuck in a rut,” but how many of you have experienced the feeling? I’m pretty sure everyone has, at least one time or another, myself included. You know the feeling where you just feel out of sorts, not yourself, or just plain old BLAH? While most people attribute this feeling to outside circumstances, like not liking their job, a relationship, not making healthy food choices, or not accomplishing this, or that; the truth is it often has more to do with our inner being, and not being balanced in all areas of our life.

In the article, The Real Reason You’re Stuck In A Rut, author, Elizabeth McKenzie, tells us, “What it really comes down to is this: how you are living right now is not in alignment with your true self. It’s not authentic to you.”¹ This reminds me of a “rut” I was in the other winter. For years, I’ve had a morning ritual  that included a walk outside. Well for some reason that winter, I became little lax with it, and I could sure tell! Walking is really part of who I am, so when I miss going a few days in a row, I can really tell. Walking is uplifting to me and gives me energy for the day. I love to listen to the birds, or the other sounds in nature, which I find soothing. Otherwise– I listen to something inspirational while walking, so it is no wonder I was feeling a little off. Funny how simple routines can keep us in balance.


Twyla Tharp, in her book, The Creative Habit, writes “I can’t say enough about the connection between body and mind; when you stimulate your body, your brain comes alive in ways you can’t simulate in a sedentary position.”²


Hal Elrod, in his great book, The Miracle Morning, gives us a set of daily practices that he calls S.A.V.E.R.S. and claims they will change your life when done daily. “When you change your inner world—your life—then your outer world—your life situation—will improve parallel.”³

Following are Elrod’s Miracle Morning Life S.A.V.E.R.S from his book I wanted to share:

S= Silence: Take at least 10 minutes to be silent. You can just sit still, pray, or meditate. This time is important and gives you some time to just be.

A= Affirmations: Use positive phrases to affirm your goals and aspirations. (e.g. I am positive, I am a hard worker, I am a caring person, I am loving, etc.)

V= Visualization: See yourself as having already achieved a goal. Picture yourself already having accomplished a task. You can use a vision board with drawings, or pictures of certain items, or can just envision them in your mind.

E= Exercise: Set aside a minimum of 10 minutes each morning to do some sort of exercise, whether it is walking, yoga, biking, stretching, etc.

R= Reading: Set aside at least 10 minutes each morning to do some sort of reading, preferably read some thing that is inspirational. This helps set the tone for the day and establishes a positive mind-set.

S= Scribing: (Journaling) Set aside at least 10 minutes to record some positive thoughts that came to you from reading, meditating, praying, etc. This allows you to record your thoughts and generate ideas, etc.4

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