5 Summertime Slimming Foods

Awe summertime!

There’s so much to enjoy! One of the things I look forward to in the summer is the fresh produce and what better way to enjoy a beautiful day than eating some summertime slimming food like watermelon! It’s juicy, delicious and refreshing and who doesn’t like a little watermelon juice running down their face in the summer?

eating watermelon

Watermelon is not the only refreshing food plentiful in the summer either, which is a good thing. Garden fresh vegetables are always plentiful, whether you grow your own, find them at a farmers market, or buy some locally grown produce at the grocery store. Some people get fresh vegetables weekly from a Community Supported Agriculture group (CSA). If you’re not familiar with CSAs, they are groups made up of farmers in a particular area who work directly with consumers to buy their crops. These farmers typically offer a number of “crop shares” to people in their local community. I talk a little about CSA memberships and how they work in my new book, Wholey Cow A Simple Guide To Eating And Living. If you are interested, you can find it on Amazon.

In this blog, I thought I would share a few summertime slimming foods with you. Let’s take a look…

5 Summertime Slimming Foods:

  1. Watermelon—
    Watermelon is not only refreshing, it is high in vitamins, including vitamin A and C. Watermelons are also rich in antioxidants including lypocene, which helps your body fight free radicals. As their name implies, watermelons contain a lot of water which can help detoxify your body and help you to stay hydrated. Watermelons have some other healthful benefits, as well. They are known to help lower blood pressure, help reduce insulin resistance and help with sore muscles. Watermelons are plentiful and easy to grow. Some people grow their own in their gardens, but most people like to grab one from the grocery store or farmers market to take with to a BBQ, family picnic, or enjoy at the lake. Make sure you grab one of your own to indulge in some of the health benefits it provides.
  2. Cucumbers—
    Cucumbers are another summertime slimming food and are loaded with water. In fact, they are made up of 90% water, yet they also offer some valuable healthful properties. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the body. Cucumbers contain vitamins, C, K and B5, which helps provide energy for your body. They also contain manganese, which helps build healthy bones, as well as potassium and magnesium, which are good for your heart health. Many people enjoy cucumbers in salads, or like to eat them alone. Gardeners often like to can them to enjoy pickles in the fall and winter months. Cucumbers can also be added to water to help hydrate and detoxify your body. They can also be added to green juice, or smoothies for an added boost of nutrients.
  3. Carrots—
    Carrots are not only sweet and crunchy, they are another slimming vegetable that packs some powerful nutrients. Carrots are loaded with vitamin A, which is good for you eye health. They are rich in beta carotene and helps protect you from macular degeneration and cataracts. They also have other health benefits including helping to prevent cancer, especially lung and breast cancer. They also help slow down the aging process and promote healthy skin. Make sure you eat plenty of this vegetable for vitality and both eye and skin health. Who doesn’t want healthy eyes and less wrinkles? Carrots also help detoxify the body and contain fiber that helps with your digestive process. Make sure you snack on plenty of this crunchy vegetable.
  4. Tomatoes—
    Tomatoes are another slimming food that are bountiful in the summer. Many people grow their own tomato plants in the garden, or have a potted plant for the patio or deck and why not? They are easy to grow, tasty and have many nutritional benefits. Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C. They also contain vitamin A, E, B6 and K. They are also a good source of potassium and fiber and can help boost your metabolism. Tomatoes are also good for eye sight and skin health. They also help detoxify the body and help reduce inflammation. Tomatoes help reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. Whether you grow your own, or purchase tomatoes at the grocery store, make sure you add this vegetable to your diet for its many healthful properties. Tomatoes can be eaten alone, sliced on salads or sandwiches, or added to pasta. They can also be added to stir fries, rice and more.
  5. Peppers—

Peppers are another summertime slimming food that packs a punch when it comes to your health. Peppers contain a host of vitamins and help your immune system. Peppers contain plenty of vitamin C, E and B6. They also contain phytochemcials and antioxidants, which help protect your body. Peppers have a number of health benefits including helping with eye health and anemia. If you have an iron deficiency, make sure you add some peppers to your diet. They contain a decent amount of iron, which can help keep your energy up.  Peppers are low in calories and are great for dipping. You can add them to salads, rice, spaghetti, and more. Peppers come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are part of the chili pepper family. Although some peppers are hot, you can find varieties that are medium to mild in flavor. Make sure you add this sweet vegetable to your diet for its many healthful properties.

Thanks for reading!


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Coconut Whipped Cream—A Little Dab Will Do Ya!

In this blog post, I wanted to share a recipe for some coconut whipped cream.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always liked whipped cream. In fact, I like to add it to my chai tea in the morning.

While many people purchase Redi Wip because it is convenient and quite tasty, keep in mind it is a processed food that contains sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and more. It also has some questionable ingredients like carrageenan, that really are not good for you, which you should try to avoid. I’m not saying I never use the stuff because I have and do, but I came across a recipe on Pinterest for some coconut whipped cream that I really like.  It is better and healthier for you too and contains some healthy fats (MUFAS).  I started making it earlier this year, after my daughter gave me an Isis Whipped Cream Dispenser in January for my birthday.

I love it and this particular recipe works great in it! You can find one on Amazon, or some other department stores, if you are interested in buying one.

Here is the recipe…

Coconut Whipped Cream
  • 1-14 ounce can of full fat, unsweetened coconut milk chilled in the refrigerator overnight. (I used Whole Foods 365 organic brand, but you can use other brands.)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil, gently melted
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons of high-quality vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup of pure maple syrup
    (or to make it with less sugar and use 1/4 tsp. to 1/2 tsp. stevia extract. This is how I make it. Play around with the amount of stevia and add to your taste. Feel free to add more, or less. )


To make the whipped cream, whisk together all the ingredients in a mixer for several minutes, until well mixed. It should be thicker like a mousse, but still a little runny.  Pour the mixture in the whipped cream dispenser, carefully following the instructions. Place the dispenser in the refrigerator to use later, or gently shake and dispense on your favorite fruit, in your tea, or special dessert. It is quite tasty and my dogs love this version too!

Just a little dab for the boys! They love it too and always seem to end up with some on their nose.

Note: This mixture can also be chilled and then gently whipped for a soft, creamy “mousse” as well, if you don’t have an whipped cream dispenser.



Go For The Green…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Some people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, going out for Irish food or having an Irish coffee. Others may enjoy a green beverage such as a green beer, green martini, or margarita.  In this blog, I  thought I would give you another green beverage option, which is healthier. In fact, this beverage is packed with plenty of antioxidants and healthful nutrients your body craves. I have been enjoying this juice all winter and believe it has helped me stay well this cold season. Give it a try if you would like a burst of energy for your day and some morning sunshine!

Green Juice Blend

1 large handful spinach or kale
½ cucumber (cut in slices)
1-2 stalks celery (cut in pieces)
1 slice fresh ginger or 1 tsp. shredded
1 small banana
4 large chunks fresh pineapple
1 tbsp. coconut oil
6-8 oz. water or coconut water

Add all ingredients to Ninja or Vitamix Blender or blender cup. Blend on high speed until thoroughly blended and mixed. Serve and enjoy. Recipe makes 1 serving.

Note: You can also add 1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar if desired, or a scoop of protein powder. I use Bone Broth protein. It is good for you and contains no sugar, or sweeteners.



Recipe: Baked Salmon With Fresh Herbs & Black Olives

In this blog post, I wanted to share a recipe for some baked salmon with fresh herbs & black olives. It is super easy to make and good for you. Salmon is nutrient dense and contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. It is also rich in protein, potassium, selenium and vitamin B12.  If you like salmon and black olives, you will probably like this recipe. It is pretty tasty. Give it a try if you like.

Baked Salmon With Fresh Herbs & Black Olives

  • 2-4 pieces of salmon (thawed)
  • Black olives (sliced) Use a small can.
  • Fresh parsley (chopped) I used several stems.
  • Fresh basil leaves (chopped) (Use 2-4 fresh leaves)
  • Fresh rosemary (chopped) (Use 2-3 stems)
  • Fresh thyme (chopped) (I used 2 stems)
  • Sprinkle with soy sauce, or coconut amino’s

Coat a glass baking dish with olive oil. Place the the salmon in the dish and rub the olive on the top of the fish. After coating the top with the oil, turn it over so the skin side is down. Chop up the fresh herbs and place in a bowl. Add the sliced black olives on top of the fish. Sprinkle the fresh cut herbs on top of the olives. Drizzle a little soy sauce, or coconut amino’s over the top. (I used the coconut amino’s.) Bake the salmon in the oven for 20 minutes. Serve right out of the oven alone or with other side items.



Recipe: Southwestern Salad

Here’s a tasty recipe to try. It is easy to make, good for you and tasty. Go ahead and give it a try if you like.

Southwestern Salad


1 bag romaine lettuce, or spinach
2 grilled chicken breasts (sliced)
1 small green pepper (chopped)
1 small red pepper (chopped)
1 small orange pepper (chopped)
1 small package cherry tomatos
1 small can corn
1 small can black olives
1 ripe avocado (cubed)
1 container feta cheese crumbles
Ranch dressing, or try another favorite

Pour lettuce or spinach in a  large bowl. Add chicken, chopped peppers, tomatoes, corn, olives, avocado, and feta cheese. Serve with dressing.

Options: Add a small can of black beans, or chopped red onion.



Recipe: Spicy Quinoa With Vegetables

In this blog, I wanted to share a recipe I put together for some spicy quinoa with vegetables. If you want to incorporate some healthy grains in your diet and like a little spice, you might want to give this recipe a try. It is easy to make, healthy and tastes great!

Spicy Quinoa With Vegetables


  • 2 cups quinoa (I used 365 Super Grains, a blend of red & white quinoa, millet & buckwheat, which I purchased at Whole Foods)
  • 1 small red onion chopped
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup frozen peas, or use fresh sugar snap peas
  • Large handful of fresh kale (chopped)
  • 1 large prepared chicken breast (chopped)
  • 2 strips cooked uncured bacon (chopped)
  • 1 package Old El Paso spicy taco seasoning, or use your favorite spices (See note below.)
  • salt & pepper
  • Follow directions on package to prepare the quinoa mix.


Set a side when fully cooked. Pour some olive oil in a large skillet, covering the bottom of the pan. Add the chopped onion, kale and peas to saute. Add the prepared chicken & bacon. Stir in the quinoa mix. Add the taco seasoning & salt & pepper.


Note: You may need to add a little more olive oil to the mix, while stirring. Serve warm as a side dish, or main dish. Garnish with fresh avocado slices, tomato, etc.


If you don’t like the idea of using Taco Seasoning, use other spices such as cayenne, turmeric, chili powder, Cajun seasoning, etc.  to taste. (This is what I prefer.) You may also add other vegetables such as peppers & mushrooms, which I would have, but was out of them at the time. You may also add another meat, or tofu, or just skip that protein part. Make the dish your own, by adding in your favorite vegetables & spices.