Make Conscious Choices To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

With the holidays upon us, it is hard not to think about eating food and more of it. After all—There’s often more treats at work or the office that are hard to walk by and resist.

Christmas cookies

Holiday parties are popular too, and typically include tempting entrees, appetizers and sweets. There’s also Christmas dinner, with those heavy comfort foods. You know—the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pie and more that make you feel beyond full. Many people end the year celebrating with food, as well. And what’s a New Year’s Eve party without the plates of hors d’oeuvres and sweet drinks? It is no wonder many people find it a challenge to eat well this time of year. The good news is there are ways you can eat healthy by making conscious choices.

Following are a few ideas you can try…

  1. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?”
    If you are finding it hard to walk past those Christmas cookies someone brought in to work, without grabbing one, stop for a minute and take a breath. Next, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” If you do feel hungry mid-morning or afternoon, try bringing a healthy snack to work you can eat instead. If you are craving something sweet, try eating an apple, banana or some other type of fruit. Better yet— snack on some sweet vegetables, like carrots or bell peppers. If it close to lunch-time, remind yourself you will be taking lunch shortly and don’t need the empty calories from a sugar-coated cookie.
  2. Fill your plate with rainbow colored foods—
    Many parties have a variety of foods and appetizers to choose from. Why not reach for the vegetable plate first? Our eyes are naturally drawn to bright colors, so make sure you grab some bright veggies like carrots, peppers or celery, before trying some other snacks. Vegetables provide many vital nutrients your body needs and craves. Fruit is another healthful option and a good way to increase your daily intake of vitamins. Many fruits also contain fiber, which helps trigger satiety and help you feel full, so go ahead and grab a strawberry or two or some other fibrous fruit that appeals to you.
  3. Make a healthy recipe to share—
    If you need to bring an appetizer to a party, why not search for some healthy recipe you like? There are many appetizers that are easy to make and contain healthful ingredients. By making your own healthy recipe, you can rest assured there will be at least one item you will feel comfortable eating at the party. You also will be doing others a favor, by providing a healthier choice, as well.
  4. Choose healthier sweets—
    If you don’t want to deprive yourself of a few tasty treats during the holidays—don’t. It is OK to indulge from time to time. You might want to try some healthier choices for baking, however. There are many recipes these days, that use healthier ingredients. Try searching Pinterest for some recipes that use coconut flour or almond flour. You can also substitute coconut oil for other unhealthy oils, or substitute coconut palm sugar for regular sugar. Honey is another sweetener that can be a substitute for sugar. You can also look for recipes that use a smaller amount of sugar, or other alternate sweeteners, such as stevia.

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A Change Will Do You Good!

With the fall season upon us, it is hard not to think about change—A change in the weather, a change in the colors, a change in your schedule and more. In fact, I noticed a bunch more leaves changing on the trees this morning, as I was out walking. They sure are pretty. I don’t know about you, but I really do love the fall. Sure it’s always hard to say good bye to summer, but fall has a unique appeal—the crisp, cool morning air, a beautiful array of vibrant colors, warm afternoons and the plentiful fall harvest. I know not everyone may agree. Many people do not like change and often try and fight it. Change however is something that is a constant and expected, so why not adopt the attitude of a change will do you good instead?

change is good
change is good

Seasons will come and go and each one brings their own beauty, expectations and gifts of opportunity. Why not take advantage of the new season and commit to some changes of your own? If you are interested in making some changes to your health that involve better eating and more exercise, fall is great time to get going and change up your routine and develop some rituals.

fall tree leaves
fall tree leaves

With the days getting shorter, why not commit to joining a gym to get a little exercise in instead of sitting front of the TV and dwelling on the early, dark evenings. You can also buy some sessions at a yoga studio, get a group of friends together for basketball at your local community center or join a fall bowling league. There are many choices. The point is to find some activity you enjoy and commit to it. In my new book, Wholey Cow A Simple Guide To Eating And Living, I talk a little bit about the importance of finding appetizing activities you enjoy. Taking care of your body includes not only eating the right foods, but also activity and exercise. Your body was meant to move and not be sedentary, so make sure you get in plenty of activity in your day.


Fall is also a great time to experiment with some new foods. Many people are inside more and may have some extra time on their hands. Why not pull out one of your cookbooks and dust it off? You can also look for some healthy recipes on the internet or look on Pinterest. They have thousands of recipes to choose from. Maybe you can find a recipe that includes some seasonal vegetable, such as zucchini, from the fall harvest or some other vegetable you like. You can also look for a new recipe to try for a fall get together with friends or look for something new to try for dinner one evening with the family. There are many options and you might just discover a whole new way of eating that you enjoy. Yes indeed change can be good!

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Curiosity Killed The Cat?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a dog person rather than a cat person. It’s not that I think cats are bad, or hate them, it’s just they are different than dogs. Dogs get excited when they see you, like attention, enjoy being loved up and are known as “Man’s best friend.”

Cats on the other-hand can be fickle, temperamental and often like to keep to themselves. They also can be mischievous and can get into their fair-share of trouble. Reminds me of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat!”

If you haven’t heard that one, it is an old proverb that reminds us of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.¹ While it is often good in many situations to mind your business, truth be told…sometimes it is necessary to question things or try different ways of doing something. Maybe cats are on to something? After all—how can we make progress, or get ahead, if we don’t question how things are done or why certain circumstances exist? We need to be inquisitive sometimes. That’s how we got to the moon, can visit all kinds of places on an airplane, typewriters became a thing of the past and why there are fewer and fewer land-lines installed. Yes—indeed curiosity can be a good thing!

With the obesity epidemic on the rise and countless people who have health issues related to their diets and nutrition, it is time we all become a little more curious. We need to start to question why people are getting sick and why it is that more than half of the population is over weight. What is going on? That is a difficult question to answer, as it involves problems created on many levels involving the food supply and food system, from industrialization, big business and lobbyists for farmers and drug companies influencing our government. If you look back in time however, especially the last 50 years or so, it is easy to see how our food has changed and that is a big part of the problem. Society today eats more processed foods containing artificial ingredients and preservatives than real, wholesome foods. Many people don’t know the difference either and that is scary and sad.

Michael Pollan, in his book, Food Rules an eater’s manual, tells us, “Not to eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”² Now there’s something to contemplate and something for us all to consider. Wow! I can just imagine my great grandma walking into a grocery store today. Talk about curiosity! There are literally thousands and thousands of food products to choose from. Some of our great grandmothers would be more than curious. Some of these old ladies would probably freak-out and get their bloomers all in a bunch with all of the changes and selections!

But seriously…there is so much available today they probably would be dumb-founded by the sight of it all. Just imagine if they went to buy a few simple items and found all this strange stuff lurking in the many grocery store isles like, Kraft Singles, Gogurt, or something called Hot Pockets. I mean, think about it? Kraft Singles aren’t even cheese. It’s a man-made item, which is supposed to resemble and look like the real thing. “It’s actually a pasteurized prepared cheese product that is individually wrapped in plastic. It can’t even be referred to as cheese because of an FDA rule that states that it must be at least 51 percent real cheese.”³ Yikes! I thought cheese was a dairy product and you needed a cow, or a goat to produce it?

Yogurt in a tube is another strange and somewhat ridiculous thing. It not only is loaded with sugar, it’s available in some weird flavors and promotes putting some plastic packaging in your mouth. What happened to eating with a spoon anyway and who wants yogurt that tastes like bubble gum? That sounds disgusting, at least to me!

Oh and the Hot Pockets! Austin Powers may have made them popular, but Great Grandma would probably be thinking she is buying something to help her iron her clothes with a name like that, instead of some sort of processed bread product. They’re actually processed pizza bites that are loaded with corn syrup, imitation butter, cheese and a whole bunch of other stuff. What is L-Cysteine hydrochloride anyway? I don’t know either. Make sure you read the food label before buying this one item.

In my new book, Wholey Cow A simple Guide To Eating And Living, I talk a little bit about the importance of reading food labels and taking care of your health. We all need to pay more attention to them and notice more what we are eating. Make sure you look at the number of ingredients and notice what they are. If the list is long you may want to look for a similar item with fewer ingredients, as there is less of a chance of eating a bunch of preservatives or food additives.  If the list contains a lot of ingredients with hard to pronounce words, you’re probably better off not buying the product. You can look for something that has more natural ingredients, or opt for something else altogether, like an apple, banana, or some carrots.

Now there’s a thought! Let’s all try and get a little more back to the basics and be more like the cat when we choose our food because if we don’t, our lack of curiosity just might kill us.

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Mindsets and Milestones…

Happiness, peace, joy, health, love, abundance…we all want these things—right? Why is it then that so many of us have a hard time achieving them, or fall short on some? Many of us commit to making changes in our lives at different times; perhaps at the start of a new year, a time of transition, or when we are fed up with something. While some people may start out strong and committed, over time our commitments are often put by the wayside. But what is it that causes these road blocks to change? The answer unfortunately is often us. We frequently sabotage our own progress.

We are all creatures of habit. While you may want to make changes in your life, often times, your thoughts don’t match up with your true desires and you get stuck in your ways and feel unfulfilled, stagnant, or stressed. This reminds me of something I read about rose bushes.

Typically when you plant rose bushes, you have to break up the root ball before planting them in the ground, so the roots can grow freely, get nourishment and flourish. “We, too, can become root bound, being so tightly packed in a too-small container that we can no longer breathe or receive nourishment.”1

So what holds us back from growing and changing and how do we overcome it? First of all, you need to give yourself room to grow, so you are open to change. Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, you need to focus on what you really want and how to get there. I recently visited with someone who was so stressed out with work that she felt she couldn’t take the time to eat healthy anymore, let alone exercise. We all can get overwhelmed with life from time to time, especially if we focus on too many things. During times of stress however, it is important to eat the right foods, as well as exercise, as whole foods provide nourishment and exercise produces serotonin that can be calming. When we are calmer, we can focus more. It is easy to freak yourself out when you focus your thoughts on an outcome. By changing your mindset however, and breaking things down, it is much easier to achieve your goals and milestones.

An example would be if you are in sales and needed to increase your sales numbers. Many people overwhelm themselves by thinking, “I am never going to reach the new sales goal for the month.” You can tell yourself instead, “I am working towards my new sales goal by making 10 extra calls each day. You can also make a list of people to contact to work towards your goal. If you want to lose weight, you can change your thought that “eating healthy food is expensive, to  I love eating fresh fruit and vegetables.” You can also make yourself a healthy meal plan and make a shopping list.

So what changes do you want to happen in your life and what are you waiting for?

Remember—“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Thanks for reading!


Source: ¹ Seale, Alan. Breaking Up Your Root Ball. Entheos – The Optimizer eNews. January 10, 2013.