Sometimes You Have To Make Your Own Sunshine…

I don’t know about you, but I start to get a little down when I haven’t seen the sun in a few days. If you live in Minnesota, like I do and it is December, it is bound to happen. Our winter months can get a little long and drawn out. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dreary days this time of year, so sometimes you have to learn to make your own sunshine.


The other day was a one of those days. I was feeling a little off with another cloudy day.  I went on my usual morning walk, thinking that would help, but the fresh air wasn’t enough to shake my mood. After sitting by my computer for a few hours, I still felt the dreariness outside and knew it was time to do something to change my mood.

I decided to put on some good music and grabbed my hula hoop. I don’t know why, but I just love my hula hoop and I knew a little movement and music would put a different spin on things. Sure enough, after hula hopping for 10 minutes or so, I felt a lot better. I decided a little more exercise would do me good, so I got on my elliptical machine. I could’t believe how much better I felt after 30 minutes. It is amazing how a little exercise can change your mood. Exercising releases endorphin’s in your brain, which make you feel good. In fact, “endorphin’s are chemicals that act a lot like their medically engineered counterpart, morphine. Runners have credited them for their feel-good effects for decades.”¹ Endorphins are released when you push your body to do more.


Besides exercising, there are plenty of other ways ways you can make your own sunshine, when you are feeling out of sorts.


Following are a few examples:

  • Go for a walk
  • Go to the gym
  • Crank up some good music
  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Jump rope
  • Go for a run
  • Make some cookies
  • Yoga
  • Hula hoop
  • Treat yourself to a coffee drink
  • Get a massage
  • Do some jumping jacks
  • Go bowling
  • Go to a movie
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Snow Shoe
  • Cross Country Ski
  • Skating

The important thing is find something that you and enjoy and go do it.


If you are one of those people that suffers from seasonal effective disorder, you might want to get yourself a sun lamp. Sun lights simulate day light and provide a full spectrum of natural light, which can be very helpful for some people. I purchased a desk lamp from the Sun Box Company about a month ago and would recommend it.

Thanks for reading!



¹ @runnersworld. “How to Achieve a Runner’s High.” Runner’s World. N.p., 20 Apr. 2016. Web. 04 Dec. 2016.

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